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You can visit https://www.facebook.com/rankhunters/reviews (Facebook Reviews), https://plus.google.com/108942478161374926799/about (Google+ Page reviews) for Testimonials from customers and partners. Here is what some of our customers are saying about our search engine optimization work:

Google+ Reviews Rank Hunters SEO
Rank Hunters SEO - Facebook customer reviews

Case Study One

In this case study, we helped our customer get found on Google on second position in the rankings, out of 187 Million Competing Pages for a very highly competitive keywords “interior designer”. The listing shows up as second one in the 7-pack Google Maps listings as well, which means that the business will be easily found when you search on your mobile for this keywords.

Case Study Two

In the second case study, we have ranked our customer’s website as #1 from over 154,000 Competing Pages on Google, for the very competitive keyword “Interior Decorator Sydney”. More than that, our SEO services have gotten the company found in the top spot in Google Maps listings, which makes it the first one to be found when searching on mobile as well.

Case Study Three

In the thirds case study, our SEO services ranked the website in the first place on Google out of 3.6 Million competing other pages for a very competitive keyword “Interior Decorator Sydney prices”. Using this specific search phrase, our search engine optimization techniques managed to identify the key potential customers that are interested to buy at that specific time.

Case Study Four

In the last case study, our company ranked the website in the first position on Google out of 3.3 Million competing other websites for the search term “Interior Decorator Sydney cost”. This increased the overall traffic and made the website found on Google for very interested buyers – as the search term “cost” indicates their buying intentions and behaviour.